Who Does God Want You To Be?
October 7, 2018

Who Does God Want You To Be?

Passage: 3 John 1-14
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Bible Text: 3 John 1-14 | Preacher: Pastor Jay Miller

“Gaius – The Man Who Helped God’s Work”

Gaius is a hospitable character, a friend to the workers in the Gospel, he is a spiritual man.
There was one in the assembly, a courageous man, a gracious man, who accepted these missionaries as their host into his home, and his name was Gaius.

Sometimes we spend so much time struggling with the problem people in the assembly that we forget to commend and encourage the faithful.

 There is a blessing from the Lord when you are openly hospitable, because you’re not just ministering to the servants of Christ and to the brethren in Christ that you have, you’re ministering to the Lord Himself!