The Church Needs To Be PRAYING Pt1
June 30, 2019

The Church Needs To Be PRAYING Pt1

Passage: James 5:16
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Bible Text: James 5:16 | Preacher: Pastor Steve Breedlove | Series: Prayer | I. THE EFFECTUAL PRAYER.
A. Does not stop until the job is finished.
B. Majority of prayers are not effectual.
    a. We pray for five minutes, and because we do not gain immediate results, we quit.
C. Tarry ye until.
D. Pray without ceasing.
E. James says, “The effectual…”
F. We are too easily discouraged.
    a. Shouldn’t stop praying until God moves.
    b. Must pray through lull in prayer meetings.
A. This is the prayer prompted by the Holy Spirit.
1. Prayer in which soul cries out to God.