The Benefits Of Gaining Wisdom pt6
October 28, 2018

The Benefits Of Gaining Wisdom pt6

Passage: Proverbs 2:16-19
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This is a universal lesson on wisdom, it's for men AND women!  The stakes are too high to give in to the temptations put in front of you, or the sweet allure of speech he/she may whisper to you.  Your marriage, IT'S A COVENANT/"PROMISE", for goodness sake PROTECT it! Too often couples just give up on their marriage. Life happens, maybe what you need is find the strength, peace, and joy of Christ by picking up His freely given word, the B I B L E, the answers are there so let them penetrate you! Your children are worth more than just "giving up"! Guess what, Christ says YOU, yes YOU, are worth more to Him than that!

You can commit adultery without ever having physical sex with someone other than your spouse. Adultery starts in the heart. Did you realize that? And the scriptures tell us that the heart of man is where God judges us. Do you go to stripper bars? Adultery. Dabble in porn? Adultery. How about bachelor or bachelorette parties? What’s up with those? Think I’m being nit-picky? Better think again. And if you think Christians aren’t involved in these things you had better think again!