Love And Respect Pt1
October 13, 2019

Love And Respect Pt1

Passage: Ephesians 5:22-25
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Many have a hard time with this command. People quote this verse to prove that the Bible is archaic and irrelevant. A biblically illiterate male quotes this verse to keep his wife in his control, insisting her opinion has no value and her contribution to the household is limited to cooking, cleaning, and keeping herself available to his sexual whims. Christian women with husbands who are not church attenders struggle with how to respond to the idea of submission.

I believe you’ll discover this verse and its surrounding passages are all about empowerment for every member of the family.
You must keep it all in context, and therefor look at the preceding text as well, Ephesians 5:21. “Submit to one another out of reverence for Christ.” That’s pretty clear. The apostle Paul was writing to believers in the church at Ephesus and all believers everywhere. He expected all of us to have the heart of a servant and put first the needs of others. If you keep reading you will also find there are commands for the husband, and also the children.