It’s Not About You
January 13, 2019

It’s Not About You

Passage: Proverbs 3:5-6
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Do not trust your own knowledge, but instead LEAN/trust in the Lord. In order to wholly trust IN the Lord, you must develop more than just head knowledge of Him. You must have a relationship WITH Him, to KNOW Him, in your heart as you would an earthly loved one. You intimately KNOW your spouse, you someone develop instincts with them. You may develop the "ability" to be able to complete their sentence, to know what they're thinking, be able to answer a question for them, intimate relationship.

In order to develop this type of relationship with Christ, you MUST be with Him more than Sunday morning, or whenever it is you go to worship service. You must spend time with Him daily, in prayer, reading and studying His word, spreading His love, seeking Him about your daily life, He is there you just have to seek Him. It is then that you can trust in Him daily and then acknowledge His ways. You begin to live in His ways and acknowledge Him in your life. The blessings He has given you, the comfort He provided you in time of heartache, the protection from something you may not have even known about, ect.