Is Anyone Sick? Let Him Call For The Elders
July 21, 2019

Is Anyone Sick? Let Him Call For The Elders

Passage: James 5:14-15
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Is Anyone Sick? Let Him Call For The Elders Of The Church And Pray!

When James says “is any among you sick,” I do not believe James is asking if someone has a cold or is generally not feeling well. Due to what James says in verse 15 about raising the sick one up, I believe we are talking about someone who is gravely sick. If not, then the work of the eldership would be ruined as they would be forced to go to everyone’s home every week for every small infirmity that each Christian had. The role of an eldership is for spiritual leadership and it would not make sense for James to change that role into one of helping people who have the flu. I believe we are dealing with serious sickness.
James says to call for the elders of the church to pray for the one who is sick. Assistance may be necessary for the one who is ailing. In those days, being able to apply oil to oneself when seriously would require help. Thus, the elders should make sure the person was receiving the medical attention necessary. But, as James points out, the important part of this work is the prayers. Let this person’s condition be in the prayers of the saints so that he may be healed and raised up from this serious condition. But prayer was not to be used alone. Christians were expected to use the medical means necessary and available to help with the illness.