Honoring The LORD With Your First Fruits/Wealth
February 10, 2019

Honoring The LORD With Your First Fruits/Wealth

Passage: Proverbs 3:9
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This idea of firstfruits has to do with the temple practices and bringing the first and best to offer and sacrifice. We don’t need the temple anymore, but the principle remains: we are to offer God the first and best of our wealth in worship.

This means asking up front, “How is God calling me to worship him with my wealth?” before we make any other decisions regarding our money and possessions. It means budgeting around this as the great immovable line-item: GOD’S GLORY. It’s the opposite of using money for every other priority, and then considering how to honor Him with what’s left. Honor Him FIRST, then everything else beneath that.

Wealth is for worship. When you worship well with wealth, generally you’ll find that you grow more wealthy so that you can use even more wealth for worship.