An Audience Of One
January 6, 2019

An Audience Of One

Passage: Luke 10:38-42
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These verses focus us on where and how we spend our time, where we put our priorities, where our focus is. Two sisters, Mary and Martha were visited by Jesus. Both were in cooking in the kitchen, the Christ began to teach. Mary left Martha in the kitchen to cook while she sat at Jesus' feet to listen. Martha began to complain to Christ in a sense, or voice her displeasure, of being the only one cooking.
So we have Martha complaining of preparing a meal (aka service of/to the Lord, and Mary being taught (feeding the soul). Both of these are definitely needed, however, there is a time for everything.
Getting our life out of sorts, misalignment of our priorities, can create chaos, confusion, anxieties, depression, etc, in our lives. All of this can also cause us to "fall away from" Jesus. So take a listen to the sermon and think of yourself and where you are at. Do you need to readjust your life and activities in order to make time to sit at Christ's feet and eat of the bread and drink of the wine, to feed your soul and water your the spirit in you?
Be wise where you spend your time, are you in the "busyness" of serving that you're missing Christ or in the intimacy of the Lord?