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Ryan Stevenson Backyard 2022

Event: Friday, June 10, 2022 - Doors Open at 5:30pm

Where: Victory Baptist Church
505 W. 7th Ave. – Mendota, IL 61342

Bring the Real You

Bring your real life problems, your hurting heart, your tattoos and scars, your bumps and bruises. Bring your trials and struggles, your faults and your failures. Bring the real you and get ready for a life changing experience.

Join Us

We invite you to come experience fellowship in Jesus Christ. There are many opportunities to get plugged in by serving in ministry, studying with others, celebrating events, worshiping Jesus, and spreading the Gospel.

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There are no upcoming events at this time.


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Failure to Launch

By Jennifer Miller             Do you ever have the fear of trying something new or accomplishing a dream because you think you have nothing to offer?  It seems to be easier to just set it aside and move on to something else instead.              I want to talk to you today about diving headfirst and taking that risk.  It could be your calling and you are missing out on such a blessing.  I want to ...
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A Week We Should Never Forget

By Jennifer Miller On Sunday we celebrated Palm Sunday which was the beginning of Holy Week. Each year I like to take time to reflect on the events of the week that led to the death of our Lord Jesus. This special week is full of emotions and poignancy. However, it can also be a learning tool that the church can grow from. Jesus is the foundation upon which the church was built, and His ...
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Wrapped in Swaddling Cloths

By Jennifer Miller I love this time of year! Yes, I can talk hours about the lights, the cheerfulness of the crowds, the tree, and the hope for snow (on Christmas Eve of course). I could easily make a lengthy list of the negatives here but focusing on the negatives will not be productive. All of this is fine, but what I love the most is the joy of my Savior being born! While family ...
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“ The church is a hospital for sinners, not a museum for saints. ”

Abigail Van Buren